What would you learn from Michael Chandler?

I know Michael Chandler well. I watch him as a fighter, I watch his Instagram and follow him. I like how he motivates people. I like the simple words he gives to people to motivate them. I like what he does. His school with Henri Hooft and all the guys that coach in his school, I like. I think it will just make me a better fighter.

What would you learn from Conor McGregor?

Conor is the man who changed this game. I think I can learn a lot from him. Especially because he’s from Ireland, I’m from Dagestan, it’s going to be funny. If I go to his team, I think it’s going to be cool, too.

Before The Ultimate Fighter: Team McGregor vs Team Chandler Preview Show

What do you think is going to be your toughest challenge in making it to the end?

Nothing can change me. All of this hard stuff [is what it takes] to be a winner. My mind is just prepared to be a champion and to win. This experience is meant to be fun. All my life I’ve lived with fighters during camp, and this is the same thing, but with cameras.

Why are you going to be the winner of The Ultimate Fighter season 31?

I’m ten years in America. I sacrificed too much for this. In 2014, the guys who were training with me were on this show and preparing for the Latin America season. I trained with all those guys and saw how they become better after The Ultimate Fighter. I believe I’m included in the top five of this division and on this show I can show why.