What would you learn from Michael Chandler?

If we’re talking about martial arts or fighting, he’s very good at close range, striking to grappling, and extremely explosive. That is something that I’m always looking to learn from the best. That is his forte, so I want to learn his forte.

What would you learn from Conor McGregor?

Conor is gonna be a little more long-rangy, a counter fighter, feints, and that’s a little more my style, but again I want to be able to pick his brain to see how he chooses his moments. This is a really great opportunity for me to really take on and learn from both of these masters

Who inspired you to start MMA? Any former or current fighters that helped develop your passion?

Tom Lee. He was actually in the same season as Ryan Hall. He’s a former champ. He’s one of my buddies that I’ve seen grow throughout the game and he’s inspiring me. Traditional fighters that have inspired me have been Lyoto Machida and GSP. The martial arts personalities are the ones that I really gravitate towards, contrary to big and flashy.

Before The Ultimate Fighter: Team McGregor vs Team Chandler Preview Show

What do you think is going to be your toughest challenge in making it to the end?

With my personality, I tend to adapt to different energies, and I feel different energies and the nerves that people feel can sometimes be transmitted. So, I think that people’s nerves are going to be up and down and left and right in the house and that might be the toughest thing to make sure that I am in the right space at all times. The fighting is just my job and I’m looking forward to going out there, testing myself and coexisting in this thing with people. I’m Hispanic, so I grew up in a household with a lot of people, so that’s not necessarily gonna be an issue, but the volatility of people’s energy is probably going to be the biggest thing for me. So as long as I stay focused, and I get everything else to fill my purpose and performance, that’s all that I’m really looking forward to. 

Why are you going to be the winner of The Ultimate Fighter season 31?

Everyone is going to have similar answers. ‘I work hard,’ and everybody should be working their butts off, right? But the martial artist that I represent, the ability to evolve, the ability to adapt, the ability to grow, that’s what I really bank on. The better fighter that day wins, not the better fighter, in general. I am gritty. I do have a tough upbringing just like a lot of people in this house, I came from a third world country, I moved to the States. I’m just ready to take it. That’s all it is. I’m ready to adapt and I’m ready to take it.