Vera has done his part, both in the Octagon and among the people, making him the perfect ambassador for the sport in his home country. Right now, there are fighters following in his footsteps, young people wanting to do the same, and even folks tattooing his name and likeness on themselves. And through it all, he hasn’t changed his humble attitude since his first UFC fight against Marco Beltran in 2014. Is that a testament to the presence of his wife, Maria Paulina?

“She’s happy to see the fruits of our labor and how things are coming together and being accomplished,” said Vera. “She’s very excited about everything that is happening and will continue to happen to us.”


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“It’s still up to the person that is living that type of moment,” he explains. “I think people around you help you and she does everything to help me and be there, but I feel like if I don’t want to be grounded and I just let my head go to the noise, I think that’s how careers are ended, and that’s why I focus on keep being myself. I think that’s the most important thing that people don’t get. Everybody wants to put on this persona, everybody wants to put on a mask, but if I keep being me, there’s nothing I can do better than that. And that helps me stay grounded, that helps me to live in the moment, to actually enjoy everything that’s happening, and little by little, you keep getting better at being yourself. It’s a good life to live.”

Makes sense, but does he still have to take out the garbage at home?