“I said, ‘I’m in, I’ll do it. Just let me talk to my team, but yeah, let’s do it.’ The only thing I said was no way I’m going to 115 because I’m not about to kill myself in a week and do a big weight cut. I said let’s do it at 125, and she said 120, and I said, okay, that’s fine.”

That’s Loopy in a nutshell. She said yes to the fight and just added that she would talk to her team as a courtesy to them. She was fighting, no question about it. She laughs, in good spirits early on fight week, which is usually a stressful time, but not for her.

“Oh yeah, I’m eating all the PI meals that they’re giving me and I ask for extra sometimes because I like to feel good,” said Godinez, who has embraced the lifestyle of a full-time UFC fighter.

“It’s amazing. I get to train full-time, I don’t work anymore, my job is training, I’ve met so many people and got to go to different places. It’s been a dream come true.”

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Guess she’s planning on sticking around for a while.

“Oh yeah, I’m here for the long run,” she laughs, secure in the reality that she’s gone from unknown fighter slugging it out on the regional circuit to a competitor some have called the female Donald Cerrone. That’s high praise, and she’s enjoying the ride, in and out of the Octagon.