“The only thing that gives me real fulfilment is God, my family, my friends, and helping other people, and that’s why I fight: I want to use my platform to help people like me,” he added. “That’s why I do this, and on December 10th, I have a huge opportunity to make my platform even bigger, so that’s what I’m going to do.”

In a little more than a year, Pimblett has become the favorite call-out target of lightweights with ambitions of upward mobility within the 155-pound weight class — the popular new kid that many see as an express ticket to bigger opportunities, resulting in myriad competitors trying to pick a fight with the charismatic and streaking Liverpool native.

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As a result, some will see Gordon’s suggestion earlier this year that he and Pimblett square off as the New York native and South Florida resident getting in on the action and now holding the winning lottery ticket.

In reality, the idea of the two men facing off goes back a couple years, and was originally something Pimblett suggested.

“For me, it started on Fight Island,” began Gordon, outlining the journey that has led him to sharing the Octagon with the 27-year-old rising star this weekend in Las Vegas. “I fought his teammate, Chris Fishgold, and I won.