Maybe Teixeira is just a late bloomer. And what a story it would be if he does get back to a title fight, even if it’s against Jan Blachowicz and not the man who defeated him in his first shot at the belt, former champ Jon Jones.

“Jon Jones already beat me once and the goal was to get it from him,” he admits. “The thing with Jon Jones is, he’s taking so long with every fight now. He fights for the belt and takes a year off. Jones was just taking his time. But eventually, if I get the title, who knows, maybe we get Jones.”

Teixeira laughs, knowing that it’s a veteran move to focus on the present and not the future. So he’s keeping his eye on Santos and Saturday night.

“That’s too much to think about right now. Right now, I’m just enjoying the time. This fight puts me closer to the belt and closer to the goal. And hopefully after this fight, I’ll get a title shot.”