UFC: You said on Instagram you’re going to finish (Sanchez) in the first round. What makes you think that you have the ability to make that happen?

Mickey Gall: Well I know I have the ability because that’s what I do every day. I perfect that and make sure of that. What makes me think that? Just everything. Knowing what I could, knowing what I’m up against. I’m very confident of render my opponent unconscious in the first round. Whether it’s knock out or submission.

UFC: How have you evolved since your first few fights to where you’re at?

MG: Dramatically. I realized that I knew right away what a cool opportunity I got. So I know not to squander that. I made sure that I’m getting as good as I can as fast I can. Do it very serious. I have a great group around me that’s helped me. My work ethic plus the all the great people around me, I’m going to be a fucking champ.

UFC: Diego Sanchez has a lot of fights under his belt. What makes him a dangerous opponent and how do you go about managing that?

MG: I’m not concerned of what he’s going to do. It’s what I’m going to do to him. Diego Sanchez is a legend and he’s put on amazing fights for years. First, the Ultimate Fighter a winner. But I guarantee that I will either have my first knockout or I’ll be the first guy to submit Diego Sanchez Saturday night.

UFC: What about yourself makes you feel that confidence?

MG: I know myself. I know what I could do. I know what I do every day. I work on it every day. Almost every move I make is to make me a better fighter and I’m doing the right things so that brings me confidence. Knowing that I’m not fucking off and being you know being an idiot. I’m not. I’m a smart guy and I’m doing the right things I’m putting in work and I know this is my window and I’m going to make the make the most out of it. I’m going to seize it.

UFC: People will point out the experience gap. Does that matter to you?

MG: It’s something you’d be silly not to think about. I know my fight IQ is well above my fight experience. I train with Yves Edwards who has had 80 fights, and he tells me that too, that my fight IQ is way above where the amount of fights I have. I’m different. I’m a smart guy and I do the right things. I do the Right things. I’ll do the right things in the cage too.

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