After spending a day 93 stories in the air overlooking Manhattan, the athletes got a feel for the comfort and durability of the new line of fight week apparel.

“The best part about the VENUM gear is that you forget you’re wearing it,” Hill said. “There’s nothing worse than getting in a fight — or preparing for one — and being distracted by a potential wardrobe malfunction or your clothes being too restrictive. VENUM gear does a great job of being the last thing I’m thinking about when it’s go time.”

For featherweight contender Calvin Kattar, the comfort and durability of his gear creates the biggest appeal.

“You’re in a really uncomfortable environment when you’re training, and it really can take a toll on your gear,” he said. “The surfaces are uncomfortable, what you’re doing is uncomfortable… none of it’s comfortable. So it’s really important to be wearing stuff that makes it easier to endure those uncomfortable positions.”