“Of course, one of my main goals is to give the excitement and mostly not to disappoint my fans, my coaches, my teammates, everyone who supports me,” Murzakanov said. “And, of course, going along with that, it doesn’t hurt to be undefeated, and I’m going to try and stay undefeated.”

That starts with delivering another good performance this weekend against Clark, an opponent that Murzakanov doesn’t fear in the slightest. To back up his words, he almost finds it necessary to get the job done inside 15 minutes.

“It’s very hard to predict what’s going to happen but I will try my best to finish [the fight],” Murzakanov said.

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A win can bring him one step closer to being in the light heavyweight rankings, a ladder that he hopes to climb all the way to the top by the end of his career. The quickest way to get in that Top 15 is to fight and win as often as his body allows it, and it seems that as long as his opponents don’t back out of their scheduled bouts, fans will be seeing a lot more from Murzakanov in the near future.

“It would be excellent to get closer to the rankings and to have at least another fight by the end of the year and try to climb up the ranks,” Murzakanov said.

“I don’t want to be like a gatekeeper. I don’t want to be one of those guys, like my opponent, for example, to win some and lose some. I don’t want to be like that. I want to go to the top.”